You are each wonderful friends and volunteers.
As of July 23, 2020, I will not be funding my company American Communications Online for our products, as podcasting, archiving, domain names, c-panel, and servicing our marketing and advertising on prior websites and blogtalk, and spreaker.
Reason being, due to Covid 19, and the cost involved, I want to save the money for actual personal funding for my groceries at home.
Please continue to support your own podcasting, and radio shows, and YouTube channels. 
I will do my best to share information on my own website to allow those to see my store online. The prior shows we have done will still be available online and on youtube as far as I know.
Please know that I will be working on my book during the rest of 2020.
We can certainly discuss a future venture for our association in the future.
It seems we can no longer be interested in fellowship or building community in person, annual events, and conventions.
Therefore, I hope you will each do your part to run your own Independent business as a contractor.
We can remain friends but this will allow you to know we each can report as individuals online using our own paid for tools, as desk top publishing, and broadcasting on Skype, Zoom, Streamyard, Vimeo or other such products and services online.
I will keep up my own blog and vlog from time to time.
In the future, we may be able to meet after this Covid 19 shutdown.
Please know that you can tell your followers about our archives on as long as they allow those archives to be available.
I am no longer paying SPREAKER or BLOG TALK.
Please know this is simply for hard times and saving money for groceries.
Hope you all well while you market your own YOUTUBE  CHANNELS.
Theresa J Thurmond Morris ACO Presss Club Director,
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