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“We get the word out!” Theresa J Thurmond Morris building a community of friends in social media as a support system for those who want to join us in sharing our time on weekly radio shows.

Some of us will also add to our own videos for educational and informational purposes. Many companies now share educational entertainment. We choose weekly topics to present on radio.

Ancient Cultures to Current Events are covered. We began as ACE Folklife Society as Organizers with the Veterans Groups and expanded to include friends in social media on Facebook.

We are ACO Community who are friends of Theresa J Morris Social Network

About Allied Command Organization for ET Disclosure-

By: Theresa J Morris,

Publisher: Timely Manor Books, TJ Morris Publishing Agency

Theresa J Thurmond Morris, President/CEO, ACO Association-UFO Association.

For ACO Club – Author’s Club – American Communications Online Broadcasting

TJ Morris ET Radio on TJ Morris Entertainment Network

To: ACO CLUB Associates

We at UFO Association have joined the Investigative Reporters and Researchers together in our oral and written reports.

ACO UFO NEWS on Alien-Stock Annual Music Fest

Astral Cosmos Oracles Club

Train the Trainers of our Spiritual Community Be Love Now

Relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.

The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets. Gifting and abilities, we are about the spiritual science and the spirit realms. We are not alone and offer our Psychic University for intuition and empathic and pre-cognition. Our founder for our ET Science of other realms, beings, interdimensional reality of levels, and all our abilities and we own it honor it as a Be-Be Do intuitions for knowing about self-awareness. We honor knowing our senses. Our sixth sense multi=dimensional existence is a movement of sharing senses and supernatural mystery training.

We have a call in to various journalist who may know us in social media on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

“There will apparently be an Annual Event planned now for promoting the NEVADA AREA from Las Vegas to Rachel Nevada as the Alien drive the Alien Highway on Nevada State Route 375, keep your eyes peeled. You may just see something a little odd … up in the sky? Maybe. On the ground: 100%. But isn’t that why you are here?

One thing is for sure: when you pilot your vessel along the wide open roads through this scenic, otherworldly wilderness with that warm wind in your hair (or antennae), you’ll appreciate why a visitor would travel across the galaxy to enjoy this kind of freedom on the ET Highway.” Nevada State Tourism shares information for all of us in our world.


  • The ET Highway Sign
  • ET Fresh Jerky
  • Alien Research Center
  • The Little A’Le’Inn

Connie West, proprietor of the Little A’Le’Inn and Roberts’s original Alienstock co-host, is still planning to continue with its own event, now billed as “Alien-Stock” (note the dash), a three-day “OFFICIAL Storm Area 51 Festival.” Although Roberts served West a cease-and-desist notice over her use of the name, West soldiers on — she even has a lineup of musicians advertised on the Little A’Le’Inn’s website.

(As Time observed, Alienstock in Rachel is the only event that released a musical lineup prior to the weekend. Bands include Speed of Light, a punk band composed of a trio of teen siblings; a band called Brothers of Alien Rock, which fittingly dresses up as aliens and has an entire extraterrestrial lore; and an all-girl pop group called Pynk Le’monade that claims to have worked with “DJ Skrillex, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more.”

Allied Command Organization

We the sentient intelligent beings of the cosmos have shared immortality among those who become evolved in their own essence. New souls are co-created in various universes in various stages of development.

We have been since the beginning of time as we relate space and time for measurement in the realities we co-create.

Divine Beings of the Cosmos Creators-Star People and Sky People.

God has always been and therefore all that is known and unknown is the all that has ever been in all whether mass matter, energy, essence, or the opposite of all that is and is not.

The way we have learned to grow within and without is that which was created from the beginning to do so.

The Allied Council has shared the Allied Command which travels the universes and monitors our eternal growth of our precession process for all.  

ACO Association whole-person care Body-Mind-Spirit-Environment-Social Transcendent- Nature & Nurture Cultural Understanding for Conscious Clear Choices for Balance Daily.

Theresa J Morris shares the ACO as an acronym for ACO Association, Ascension Center Oracle, American Communications Online, Allied Command Organization, a theoretical framework for the inclusion of spirituality in whole-person care in modern multicultural societies, for clinicians, educators, and researchers, through use of 2 models: the 3 H dimensions of spirituality model (head, heart, hands) and the BMSEST model (body, mind, spirit, environment, social, transcendent). Specific goals for these models are (1) comprehensiveness, (2) applicability across belief systems (religious or secular), (3) accessibility to clinicians and learners, and (4) provision of a theoretical home for research on spirituality and health. We have adopted this into our spiritual science community we address as Ascension Center Organization in the United States regarding Integrative Medicine as Whole Person Advocates for whole-person care and self-training with Life Coaches. We share practitioners as advocates and as cosmos conscious consultants’ speakers as ambassadors of goodwill. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris shares her ministry of education on whole-person care giving for caregivers in her Theresa J Morris Ministries, a spiritual science community known as Ascension.Center. ACO Ascension Center Organization is the headquarters for sharing the growing knowledge for evolved sentient intelligent beings. We share conscious knowing of free will, and essence we know as soul evolution. Ascension is the evolution of the soul through lives which are obtained to contain experiences of the nature of our kind. We assist in being ascension masters while growing and evolving our own spiritual kind. We assist in anchoring the stories of our culture to share in balance and stabilizing a place in space for humanity.

ACO Association is the American Communications Online – Allied Command Organization. Theresa J Morris, Owner, Woman Veteran with Thomas R Becker, General Manager, Veteran, and are forming a community for their trade associations, peer review journals, and newsletter. Our clients are our friends in business to business and social media. We share co-creations in audio and visual among visual and performing artists. We have artists, authors, consultants, educators, radio hosts, researchers, speakers, web hosts, and friends in social media. We support other veterans and are space advocates. We like to write and do research. Enjoy ancient cultures and cosmology. TJ had 2 near death experiences and am all about learning about the cosmos and science. I am building friends who have time to build a tribe and meet annually at an event. I do a monthly Meet up. I do weekly radio shows. I share websites to assist ACO Network Media Partners. I began my own business while going to UAB in 1978 called ACIR. I always was an Independent Investigative Reporter, and was licensed in Birmingham, AL by the Chief of Police as a Private Investigator. We did not have license back then. I helped with the Kentucky licensing for P.I., then served as Investigative Reporter writing reports before we had the internet in cyberspace. I did work for a newspaper and began my own magazine. I had my first job with Percy Foreman Atty in Houston then Newton B Schwartz, 1970. I trained arson, fraud, subrogation, personal injury, and law enforcement before my license in Business Intelligence. I went through U.S. DOD-DON- training and shared 1980-1993 in and out of country of USA. I drove OTR – CDL 1994-2003. I then began event promotions as an agent-consultant-organizer when I got off the road. I kept my brand ACIR-ACO and married Agent Thomas R Morris in Kentucky 2000. I had learned the publishing business and first title was a catcher. I learned to bind books and print color and black and white. I loved that I came from a paper mill family in USA. We were told that saw dust was in our bones and our blood ran red as Americans. We in our culture growing up were proud to be an American and we said a pledge to allegiance to our flag. I still believe in the USA and that we stand for freedom, family, country, and most of all freedom of speech. I do my part as loving God and country. I will say I work until the day I die or pass.

Languages: English

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·         @tjmorrisagency



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YOU HEREBY IRREVOCABLY CONSENT TO AND WAIVE ANY OBJECTION TO THE EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION AND VENUE OF THE FEDERAL AND STATE COURTS LOCATED AT OKLAHOMA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA WITH RESPECT TO ANY CLAIMS, SUITS OR PROCEEDINGS ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT OR THE TRANSACTIONS CONTEMPLATED HEREBY. h. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter, supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous agreements between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and does not confer upon any other person other than the parties any rights or remedies. i. You consent to the use of electronic means to complete this Agreement and to provide you with any notices we give you in relation to this Agreement. To be effective, any notice given by a party under this Agreement must be in writing and delivered (i) if by Theresa J Morris, ACO Club deliver to you, via email sent to the email address you have provided to us, via certified mail, return receipt requested, to the physical address you have provided to us, via a posting on the Program website or via a message through your Program account, or (ii) if by you to ACO Club or TJ Morris or American Communications Online, or Theresa J Morris, via email sent to or via certified mail, return receipt requested, to Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, 3406 Green Briar Court, Apt. A, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.   EMAILS USED as COMPANY and with MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, AMAZON, and all business transacted for the original brands supported by Theresa J Morris and the ACO – ACIR – Community, ACO CLUB is the short name for the Ascension Center Organization which brand is solely owned by Theresa J Morris. ACO Club and BRAND for ACO and ACE Folklife is owned by Theresa J Morris. ACO Professional Association is a Branding Community for Entrepreneurs. Both hobby associations and professional associations are supported by TJ Morris ET Radio, ACIR Radio, and ACO Club. Theresa J Morris is the Director/CEO of ACO CLUB.   Notices will be effective and deemed received on the date transmitted or posted unless sent via certified mail, in which case they shall be effective on the date delivered or tendered for delivery. FEE: 10-15- 20 1,2, 3 per Independent Contractors Signed Agreement. 1 – Subscriber – Must have 3 books. 2 – Affiliate – Must have Domain Name, Website, and Hosting with our PRO ACCOUNT. 3- Independent Contractor – Sales Agreement percentage -Our fee at most digital stores is approximately 10% of the retail price (it is technically 15% of the net royalties).       We share our ACO Club members who are radio hosts, authors, artists, and I am a member of BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated as a songwriter. I created ACE Folklife Society to begin my life as a journalist, reporter, researcher, writer collecting stories of how people believed in folk stories and made the non-profit ACE Folklife. I also added a Label Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes as a book. I began my own imprint in publishing as Timely Manor Books and my mother seeded me as an angel investor $100.00 to put toward our publishing ebooks online. I now call my company American Communications Online. Dr. Alexander Phillip Lessin, Ph.D. Anthropology began sharing his spiritual center in Maui with many of us while I was in Hawaii 1989-1994. I moved in July 1994 to pursue my career at Killeen, Fort Hood, Texas. I met my husband Thomas R Morris in Texas. It was Dr. Lessin who knew of my colleague Dr. Laura Sturgis Ph.D. in psychology who shared in my interest in para- psychology and gave me an office next to hers to teach psychic awakening classes. In 1997 Dr. Lessin married Janet Kira Lessin. They began facilitating the workshops and weekend retreats in California and Hawaii. We share the ACE Metaphysical Institute for counseling and educational entertainment. Janet Kira Lessin has been a volunteer co-administrator in Maui, Hawaii – Ascension Psychic Awakening Center Network Domain as I have the domain name https://Ascension.Center. Janet Lessin and I known as Jan (Janette) share our own Janet Airlines as in the Flying High Club for the Cosmos Connection Actualized Soul in Soul Foundation as ACO International Faith-Based Organization for 501 (c) 3 organizations in the work we do as Ascension Age Synchronistically Involved. Janet and I met doing spiritual work network in Waikiki at the Hilton-Waikiki through Richard Higashida, Russ Shiroma. American Communications Online and TJ Morris Agency – Ministry of Education also known as ERA COP as an acronym for Educational Research Association Community Online Press. Theresa J Morris Ministries dba Ascension.Center and ACE Metaphysical Institute. We share acronym ACE as Ascension Center Education and Adults Continuing Education with Americans Communications Online. Theresa J Morris, agent for company called American Communications Online. Also, Theresa J Morris shares TJ Morris Agency with her professional trade association called ACO Association. We have practitioners in integrative medicine including care givers. Ascension Center Enlightenment shares Lightworkers and Truthseekers. We first coined the use in 1978 with the APLE Associate Planetary Lightworkers Educators for Ascension in Houston, Texas and co-created with our channeling sessions and guidance at our meetings. I have TJ Morris Agency and American Communications Online as PayPal accounts. and Inform, Educate, Entertain. When I began writing Stories with my husband Thomas R Morris in Kentucky, his sister Deborah K Dockery was also a writer and joined us. Think of the city or town in which you live. You find people belonging to all communities’ men and women, rich and poor. Radio plays an important role in the lives of the people of India. Though there are plenty of rich people and highly developed cities, most of our people are poor and many cannot read or write. The only medium that can really reach them to inform, educate and entertain is the radio. Radio stations especially those run by the government perform a public service duty. I went public on the Internet in 2004. I began writing for various magazines including my own American News Magazine, and American Chronicle, I was asked to write for Dirk Vander Ploeg’s UFO Digest in Canada who was interested in Fate Magazine and I spoke to the owner a woman named Phyllis who had purchased this from a larger company. We are in this business for the fun, for the people, for the community, and formed TJ Morris ET Radio in 2012 in Kentucky. I now own, CosmosRadio.Online, and TJMorris ETRadio. We share RevolutionRadio.Club with Thomas R Becker and Freedoms Lips Volunteers as for public radio open-source free speech and network neutrality. Thomas R. Becker, Theresa J Morris, and Janet Kira Lessin have been producing radio talk shows since 2012 together. They have formed ACO Club for American Communications Online and RevolutionRadio.Club for subscribers, supporters, and events. I have my own websites as and I share others through my company as I do live recordings on and I have become a woman in cyberspace sharing content for those I share a common interest within my ACO Press Club as journalists. We share research in our science and space groups. We hope to share both arts and humanities with spiritual science groups and other entrepreneurs. We are all independent contractors forming a trade association for both products and services of our own. I distribute on iHeart, iTunes now Apple, Spreaker, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, Lisbyn, FMradio, Blubrry, Blogtalk, Shoutcast and many others I pay for to “Get the Word Out for my Friends in our Trade Associations – ACO Association and UFO Association. Published By Theresa J Morris Theresa J Morris Small Business Consultant at American Communications Online Follow radio, podcasts, mass media press net neutrality freedom of speech 0 comments Sign in to leave your comment More from Theresa J Morris 9 articles ACO Club for TJ Morris Agency ACO Club for TJ Morris Agency August 18, 2019 ACO Association Education ACO Association Education June 27, 2019 Why join TJ Morris ACO Club? Why join TJ Morris ACO Club? June 27, 2019 LinkedIn© 2020AboutUser AgreementPrivacy PolicyCookie PolicyCopyright PolicyBrand PolicyGuest ControlsCommunity Guidelines

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