• David L RIvera is a professional business entrepreneur. David is a friend of Theresa J. Morris ‘s on LinkedIn.com. His services provided are writing, editing, copywriting and assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs from his own  home at his location, in Newport News, Virginia. His way of life is now preferrable in this Covid 19 environment. He has used his computer and cell phone to share his almost 30 years at home where he lives with his wife. He shares his time online with his trusted business associates. He meets in social media many of his future clients and researches the best software for individuals who have various talents and skills. David has agreed to be interviewed by
  • Theresa J Morris, author, speaker, radio host, who also offers her services as a business project manager and consultant. Theresa who prefers TJ is also a known psychic and also works from home. The time we are presently in with this Covid 19 has prompted TJ to learn more about people who have been doing work from home all these years prior to 2020. TJ is looking to co-create and to collaborate with others in today’s environment of co-creating community online.
  • TJ has established a business called American Communications Online and shares the ACO Professional Association of Entrepreneurs who now desire to work from their own homes.  TALK SHOWS LIVE platform which has it’s own domain will now offer various friends of TJ Morris ET Radio who want to share in team consulting meeting to share projects such as book and ebook publishing. Many people want to write books and to make videos while they are learning skills to sharpen their own minds. Becoming a researcher and historian isn’t for everyone.However, TJ is a Type Jockey and wants to continue this while learning about people.   ACO Club  for friends.
David L Rivera ACO – ACE Industrial Documents Talk Shows Live with Theresa J Morris
ACO Club American Communications Online Broadcasting

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ACIR Radio is owned by American Communications Online Broadcasting Company, Gulf Breeze, FL USA 32563, TJ Morris ET Radio Shows, Producer, Theresa J Thurmond Morris. Author-Archivist-Historian-Reporter. Member SPJ.org.

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