Thomas R Becker

ACIR Radio – Veteran – Managing Director

for Radio Host.

Thomas R Becker, ACO Association Director
with Wife, Cheryl Becker, of Valdosta Georgia.
Independent Contractors – Agents-Consultants-Organizers of Artisan Professionals and Hobbyists
Graphic Color Designs CHosen by Thomas R Becker
ACO Association Professional and Hobbyist

Thomas R Becker


Various Independent Owned

Products & Services

With friends in ACO Association

Thomas who prefers to be called Amad Painter which is his pen name, is a known creator of art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction work online.

He presently shares in the American Communications Online Broadcasting Association of ACO Professionals and Hobby Associations.

Thomas is an Independent Contractor

Both residential and commercial – painting.

Prefers art projects to house painting.

Also, uses SKYPE to manage digital internet radio hosts.

Thomas served in the United States Navy and was given a nuclear clearance out of his A School Training in Great Lakes, Illinois.

He served during the Viet Nam War and is one of our Veterans.

He is known in the TJ Morris ET Radio Show Archives.

He is also known among friends in the Mike Ringley and website and radio button.

Thomas aka Amad Painter is donating his personal time as a volunteer to manage the Revolution.Radio 24.7 Live and podcast radio shows.

He assists in management as the General Manager with 6 other volunteers on a management team for 2 websites. and

He is also one of 3 directors for the ACO Association and is listed in the ACO Club.

He also volunteers for service with another veteran Theresa J Morris who shares TJ Morris ET Radio with the company

American Communications Online, Gulf Breeze, Florida as a training radio club.

Thomas can not only assist as a Graphic Designer but assists in Book Covers for Timely Manor Books, TJ Morris Publishing Agency.

Thomas and Theresa became friends by way of radio show management with mutual friend of Kentucky, Mike Ringley. Mike passed away in 2019.

Thomas and Theresa now share their time assisting others build a community on

All friends in social media who share their content and posts in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In can be added to their directory of friends.

Please join the Authors Club Association and ACO Radio where the Veterans offer a radio show host connection and can assist you with your computer input.

The ACO CLUB was formed online with TJ Morris ET Radio shows listed archives available on, and with

Thomas and Theresa serve as a managers for book publishing, editing, and at cover design.



For various radio shows with the Revolution Radio Club groups on Facebook various radio hosts can join the Revolution Radio Club.








Thomas R Becker
Independent Contractor
ACO Club
Artist-Author- Radio Host

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