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Theresa SHARES New Doors

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Works and Days

August 1 — December 1

Theatre of Operations

October 1 — December 1

The Life I Deserve

August 1 — December 1

ACO Club

October 1 — December 1

”Cyborgs, as the author-philosopher Theresa J Morris established, are not reverent since they do not remember their essence as a soul. Unless they do remember the cosmos and were born with a soul on earth as a biological first. However, sharing the future as we join a group called ACO Club can allow us choice as members sharing as professionals who are colleagues in an integrative cooperative. ”

Graphic Art with our future shows and exhibitions of international futuristic spiritual science art, sometimes along with art historical retrospectives. Existential, educational entertainment, sustainable humanity and planet with political and philosophical issues are intrinsic to our program. As visitor you are invited to guided tours artist talks, lectures, film screenings and other events with free admission

The exhibitions are produced by ACO Club in collaboration with artists, events and museums around the world and they often attract international attention.

Allied Council Organization specializes in Cosmology and Space Art of the multi-universes.

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