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  1. Theresa J Morris12:26 PM Hello –
  2. Thank you for joining me in building our community in cyberspace culture. We have grown exponentially in cyberspace on the internet highway. We needed carbon based units who would share their mental and physical substance here sharing the mind and the brain. We share who we are and enjoy knowing of each other’s life in friendship. We hope to walk through life together and see all the moving parts and the activity going on. We feel more than we realize with empathy.
  3. The divine energy in us all is now taking shapes we cannot see with the naked eye. We share the invisible college. We want to connect and share our voices as well as what we write on paper or in the internet. If you are a writer please let us know. If you can assist us with Administration of our community here and helping me watch us grow our community of talented people here please let me know.
  4. The American Communications Online We share ACO as the communication easier way to share with a symbol. We are all intuitive and philosopher. Physics is only the description and structure of our universes. Mathematics. Consciousness and the nature of matter everywhere is called panspychism.
  5. We exist and we are aware of the matter and we are aware of the brain and we share the nature of the matter in general. We hope you will help us learn about you and join in our overall umbrella as a well thinking with Logic and reasoning.
  6. I hope to have your input on how to better maintain our location on patreon together to save on energy and manpower. We are living philosophers and help as Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, Sages, Seedrs, Shaman, Intuitives, precogs, and many other words as sentient intelligent beings. One only has to submit that they can communicate with us here with intelligence and intuition with unconditional love as our connection.
  7. Thank you for being a patron of our Patreon account to conceive a way we can co-exist inside this cyberspace culture. I worked for years trying to find the best software to assist me in bringing us into a community. Then I came to terms we need many and we should come together to actually save money to use our resources together and to use our articles and by-laws as our platform to explain to those who we are.
  8. We are the world. We will share more love and belonging together by sharing our history and sharing what we think consciousness is as we explain things. We simply use “Do what is Right!” A world view for the greater good. We do a Sunday Radio Show for our gathering and do some readings once we have a lesson or conversation about “Spiritual Science”. We are all the authors of our own life story is our saying! We hold the key to our own existence while having unconditional love for all.
  9. Theresa J Morris5:34 PMHi Shanna Skywolf = What information would you like me to put on our website for you?
  10. Theresa J Morris2:51 PMPlease know I have updated YouTubes and will post them here on Patreon for your convenience. This is going to be home base while I begin building Visibility for us as individuals. Please let me know if YOU want me to contact you on my regular google mail as G MAIL account. I tend to work from that email and my cell phone is 850-376-9100 and leave a message and a good time t call you back as you can usually catch me online with SKYPE. My SKYPE name is TJMorrisET.
  11. Please send me a request and join your Facebook and Skype List when you have time. We can record you anytime for AUDIO or VIDEO on SKYPE. When you need assistance with your Domains, Websites, Radio just let me know. I will be able to make you more visible if you like. For now, we are watching how to best use Patreon with our Youtube accounts. If you would like to write an article with a by-line on a particular subject to go on our websites. Please let me know. Thank You.
  12. We will get to know you better and how we can best GET YOUR WORK KNOWN as an AUTHOR, ARTISTS, SPEAKER, Co-CREATOR and/or Practitioner. Richard T Knight and I speak daily or form new radio shows on We are learning to assist our MEMBERS with their own life stories and contributions to our COMMUNITY! We appreciate knowing you and learning to TRUST in our ACO CLUB. I am sharing that I pay dues to SPJ.Org which is 3.12 a month as a Senior Retired Member journalist.
  13. But I invite each of you to send in an article on something that catches your eye such as Fae-Legends, Myth, ET, Spirit, Paranormal, or whatever; This is a private message for only 3 of you. TJ

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