ACIR Vetting

Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Agency, d/b/a ACIR Since 1978. Theresa J Thurmond Morris is hanging out her shingle once more. Not that she ever lost interest in being an entrepreneur.

Theresa has seen the change in morals, integrity, and the lack of administrative management not only in all of our old brick and mortar businesses but in our cyberspace culture community.

Theresa has been reanimated to speak herself as an ACE LIFE COACH by TJ Morris. Also, as

Knowing Cosmology Ascension Age by Theresa J Morris.

If you want to become a business, entrepreneur, sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, corporation, not for profit corporation, association or unincorporated association, or the latest community profit sharing entity among teams who all share in both the products, and services, and/or either one then we need to talk.

Theresa is also serving with Theresa J Morris Ministries, d/b/a/ Ascension Cosmos Oracles.

We will begin vetting process among our known friends first in our own social media groups or assigned teams working together in audio and video.

We have been checking out research among friends and not sharing the results. We wanted to know how many call centers around the world are actually the new sweat shops for our communications companies.

We found out a lot of information in the last few years as things began splintering on the internet.

We formed ACO Press Club for our senior professional journalists only. Also our certification program is offered depending on your own talents and skills we can verify for you, about you , after you have shared your fellowship association with us in our various social media groups.

We have learned to make sure people are who they say they are first and foremost. We have people slipping into our MADE IN USA society by way of the internet and false identities using fake VOIP or other fake information such as phone numbers used in the United States.

They are using their best American English accents to portray someone from another country and now that we are going International in Internet communications we have a way of desiring to be friends with everyone in all 190 countries and all beyond…

We have some serious personnel and Information security issues that most of our intelligence agencies are not equipped with the manpower or HR to handle the truth of over flow in phone numbers being assigned plus coming into our country via phone lines and fake identification to sell products and services to our Americans.

We are finding out our politicians and political hopefuls are very low down on the totem pole when it comes to what is going on in our new cyberspace culture when it comes to trade and commerce.

That is why I am willing to train some friends who want to assist in future holding company building.


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