Earl Grey Anderson UFO Association


EARL GREY INTRODUCTION JUNE 7, 2021 to our ACO UFO Association, UAP.Associates.

ACIR RADIO – TJ MORRIS ET RADIO – American Communications Online Short BIO:

Earl Grey Anderson will appear on the “TJ MORRIS ET RADIO” Show on June 7, 2021 at 5 PM E, 4 PM C, 3 PM MTN., 2 PM PAC. 11 AM HAWAII- ACO .

“Earl Grey Anderson is MUFON’s Chief Investigator and Assistant State Director in Southern California, as well as a member of Kathleen Marden’s ‘Experiencer Research Team.  
Earl has personally closed over 650 UFO cases, as well as having worked on numerous Experiencer/Contactee cases.  
An Experiencer himself, Earl has an innate sense of empathy and compassion, which is required in understanding those who have personally encountered the high strangeness elements of The Phenomenon.
Earl lives in the West San Fernando Valley area of Southern California with his wife Lisa, and their two cats: Thor and Gigi.”


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